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Ed Surname is a character created by award-losing guerrilla filmmaker Edward Harris to satirise the behavioural mask worn by comedians.


The Ed Surname project creates a new genre: 'reality-satire', where a real man's real life has been edited into a satire on show business. Is it a documentary or a mockumentary? It’s both and neither.

Ed edited 20 years of home videos into the Grand Jury-nominated movie Unsolicited Material (2016) which was nominated for 4 film awards and screened internationally. It’s a real-life tragicomedy about whether following a childhood dream is the meaning of life or an unrealistic waste of fucking time.


Fans range from a professional psychiatrist to a diagnosed psychopath.

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“The artists that my generation grew up with taught us that ‘you can follow your dreams, never give up, you can do it’. I think that’s a really important message but that a tweak or warning needs to be added to address the personal costs. My film adds that caveat.


I lived that story, but it’s part of a more serious overall grassroots project designed to psychoanalyse why some people feel compelled to make a room of strangers laugh. It speaks to our fame-hungry social media generation.”


He created The StandUp SitDown radio show out of Riverside TV Studios where he introspected with fellow comics, his blog was misquoted in the national news and his webshow Laugh or Cry TV is a real-life sitcom with public interactions, exploring the illusion of fame in society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition.

A personal victory was walking the red carpet at the IFF film awards in London, having been nominated for the Grand Jury award. “I didn’t win, but it didn’t matter. I was nominated for 4 awards, it’s played around the world and I’m sat with people who are teams of lifelong professional filmmakers with 20k budgets. I am one person, and I did it myself by not compromising my vision whatsoever.”


“If you go for something where the chance of failure is spectacular, you’ve already won.”


“Absolute twat”

Given that wrestling is a morality play that blurs fiction and real life, Ed felt it fitted his manifesto and was mentored by and lived with Jake ‘The Snake Roberts’. He wrestled in America and plans to return to the UK scene in 2018.