1. Pursue comedy career

2. Videotape my life 24/7 and share edits on EdSurname.com

3. Document the journey to fame- first payday, media appearances, fan recognition- via videoblogs and written blogs

4. Explore the role of fame and riches in happiness

5. Observe how it affects family/friends and their reactions

6. Psychoanalyse why some people feel compelled to perform despite, for example, crippling nervousness

7. Explore how I change

8. Share the madness I naturally seem to attract– like developing a stage show with my actual stalker, trying to fit 9 people into a car and finding myself with no choice but to pretend to be my wife’s grandfather- an aspect of my life which led to the nickname The Madness Magnet

9. Sit on a beach with my wife drinking cocktails when the project is over

10. Conclude if following your dreams is the meaning of life or an unrealistic waste of time


The project became introspective and looks at why he is attracted to performing. Extending this psychoanalysis to other performers, he created The StandUp SitDown FM radio show out of London’s Riverside TV Studios just down the road from stand-up mecca The Hammersmith Apollo. Travelling 6 hours to London every week, Ed conducted sit-down interviews with stand-up comedians to explore the personalities behind the performers. Described as ‘Newsnight with dick jokes’, this relaxed chat about the craft of being funny (without any pressure to be funny) was promoted to drive-time and subsequently aired in New York and Toronto.


A spin-off live night followed, with Ed interviewing acts on stage after their sets in a pub just down the road from Buckingham Palace (technically the Queen’s local). Joking aside (one of the themes of the night, intentionally or otherwise) this was the pub where Lord Lucan’s wife ran to whilst covered in blood after he tried to murder her. According to the vibe of their reviews, some critics would likely consider the Lucan tragedy as the second worst thing to have ever hit the pub.




‘There’s no need to film everything. Ed Surname is a prick’ -fan


‘Not really the type of thing we had in mind. We can’t air any of this’ -Heart Radio


‘We like you’ -John Noel Management (admittedly this was as part of the sentence ‘if we like you we’ll get back to you’)


‘He looks like Justin Lee Collins had a retarded cunt of a son’


‘The best and funniest character we’ve filmed in ages’ -BBC3


‘The venue originally said they had no license for comedy or entertainment, but when they saw Ed they said it needn’t be a problem’- Patrick G MacManus


‘He’ll either be penniless or a millionaire– but never in between’ –Ed’s Business Studies Teacher (he’s right so far)


‘When Ed’s dad found out he was stapling jelly to the wall, he didn’t ask why or what Ed was thinking. He simply asked which wall’ –Ed’s comedy writing partner, on how filming affects family life


"When you’ve got 10000 tapes to tell your story, who needs a tagline?"


‘Up and coming comic’ Ed Surname (-The Sun) films his life 24/7 to share the world’s first ongoing documentary about following a childhood dream and why some people feel compelled to perform-  a project described as ‘a good idea’ by his own psychiatrist!


Ed wonders what the rewards and costs are, especially when creative triumphs hold no value on a resume in the real world. Is all publicity good publicity? A national headline bagged him lucrative gigs, but upset his family, so find out how the personality behind the performer is affected by the supposed glamour of showbusiness.

This is the serious narrative of the project: is following your dreams the meaning of life, or an unrealistic waste of time?


Then he found out that the radio station he travelled to for 6 hours every week for a year wasn’t actually broadcasting for the last 6 months. On any frequency. At all. He is The Madness Magnet.


Ed debuted on TV aged 8 in a fruit commercial, but stayed in bed during its premiere, possibly out of protest to sensible eating. He was on BBC radio later that year to talk about seatbelts (the obvious next career move). His video camera accompanied his comedy career and he started to get coverage from national newspapers and magazines for his project. Ed kept the camera rolling on his and his family’s feelings, compiling the world’s first document of someone’s complete journey into showbusiness: the frustrations, the exhilaration, the disappointments, the nerves. Before everyone had a camera in their pocket, Ed was the first that did of the generation that could.


Teaching himself how to edit, he created one of the world’s first viral videos ‘The Lecture Hall Fight’ before YouTube was even invented and subsequently began licensing out footage to various TV channels. But when the project is filming your life, your life becomes the project: Ed went crackers and started filming literally everything.


‘Ed films himself staple-gunning his head, pissing in alleys and saving butterflies. Fucking mental’


‘Some of the language and scenarios are unsuitable and, in some circumstances dangerous’ -Kit Kat, Nestlé


'It's like scientists created the most unfunny person in the world then that person walked on stage, took a massive shit and then that shit thought he was a comedian and called himself Ed Surname' -fan


‘Yes, you’ve spent ages filming your life. Yes, you’ve stayed up editing until 5am every night. Yes, your project looks at why you want to perform and how show business affects your family. Yes, that narrative is unique in its presentation. But I don’t give a fucking shit’ -Radio Presenter


‘Moronic’ -Camden Radio


‘I want to kill you and kick your fucking head in you fucking cunt. Die die die. You are Ed “The Dick” Surname’ -fan




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